Online Giving

Ways to Give

Listed below are ways you can contribute tithe and offerings to the Ponoka Seventh-day Adventist Church. Electronic methods allow you to return your tithe and offerings online while you are on a long business trip, on vacation, or at other times when you are unable to attend church in person. You may consult the Offering Calendar to learn about the designated offerings for each week of the current calendar year.

A. Interac e-Transfers:

Interac e-Transfer is the best way to return your Tithe and Offerings online as there are no service charges deducted from your donation. All that is required is access to your online or mobile banking through a participating financial institution.

To send an eTransfer:

  1. Fill in the registration form below. This is a one-time requirement to ensure we have your correct contact inforation for your charitable donations tax receipt.

  2. Initiate an Interac e-transfer. Login to your bank's online banking site and transfer funds using Interac.

  3. Send funds via email to "".  To make recurring transfers easier, set up a new contact using this e-mail address with a name such as "Ponoka SDA Church".

  4. Specify the purpose of your donation. In the Interac e-transfer message/notes box, please specify for what purpose and amount the donation is being made (ex: tithe 600, church family budget 300, Alberta Conference Advance 150, Global Mission 150, etc.). If there is no note with your transfer, funds will be allocated to Church Family Budget. Categories are the same as on your tithe envelope.

e-Transfer Registration Form

This is a one time requirement.  Without registration, we will be unable to issue a charitable donations tax receipt for any Tithes and Offerings given and may be unable to apply payments as intended under certain circumstances. 

B. Adventist Giving

Adventist Giving is another convenient method to give using the secure Canadian AdventistGiving website and a credit card. Please note that a service charge will be deducted from your donation by your financial institution.

  1. Go to the site. Adventist Giving website for the Ponoka Seventh Day Adventist Church.
  2. Set up a personal account. If you need help, watch this video: How to Use AdventistGiving Online
  3. Enter your donation amounts into the digital tithe and offering envelope and submit. Additional categories added by selecting "add categories". Recurring donations can also be set up.

C. Cheque, Money Order, or Bank Draft

You may also submit donations by mail using cheque, money order, and bank draft. Please do not mail cash.  Mail to: Ponoka SDA Church,   6230 - 57 Ave.,  Ponoka AB, T4J 2L1.

D. In-Person Giving

For most people, the easiest way is to give continues to be during our Sabbath School programs and Worship services. Loose donations in the offering plate go towards that week's designated offering listed in the bulletin. If you would like a charitable donations tax receipt or would like to specify the purpose for your tithe and/or offering, please use a provided tithe and offering envelope—if you need help locating envelopes, ask a greeter or deacon. 


For more information, please email

Ponoka Seventh-day Adventist Church Charity Registration # 119095743 RR 0001