Kingdom Assignment


How are YOU investing in the Kingdom of God?

We are challenging the members of the Ponoka Seventh-day Adventist Church to start an investment project this summer to advance the Kingdom of God. You can participate no matter where this summer takes you.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pray for God's guidance and blessing to use you for advancing God's Kingdom

  2. Set aside a pre-determined amount to invest (we gave $100 seed money to members in June, but you can set aside any personal amount you would like)

  3. Invest the funds in a project which will help the funds multiply
  4. Use the proceeds to invest in the Kingdom of God to witness (reveal God's love) or make disciples (connect others to God)
  5. Share the testimony of what God is doing to bring praise to God's name

Want to list your investment project?

Send an e-mail to

Click below for examples of Kingdom Assignment projects